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Mr. H. K.

This is Ken Thrasher past commander and formerly of the Litchfield SCV Camp in Conway, SC, but now in the new Myrtle Beach  Camp  Horry Rough and Readys.  I thought that I would send you a link to a news story about a flag incident yesterday at a local high school.  Carolina Forest.   I hope all is well with you and yours.


Keeping the flag unfurled
Ken Thrasher
Horry Rough  and Readys Camp 1026
7th Brigade Commander SCSCV


From: HK Edgerton <hk.edgerton@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, Oct 27, 2011
Subject: Re: heritage violation
To: kt007@sccoast.net

Dear Commander Ken,

Here in the Southland of America, we find ourselves in a planned debacle where we face social and cultural genocide at the expense of our ancestors who dare to make a Stand against tyranny. The Confederate Battle Flag now being crushed into dust, and it’s image made by dastards to forever depict evil. And who are aided by the judiciary and Public School System that was established in 1865 to crush the spirit of the Southern people.
The Flag must be gone because sooner or later Southern Black folks are going to figure out that they have been used as the weapon of choice against the only man on God’s earth whoever cared about them and a serious path for social vertical mobility for their race of people; the Southern White man. A man that they stood by while earning a place of honor under a flag that is in essence their very own, "the Confederate Battle Flag".
Here in the time of the Sesquicentennial of this tragic and illegal War forced upon the Southern people , and ironically a time in which this nation finds itself trying to heal sectarian and sectional wounds of nations abroad, it looks away from it’s very own dirty laundry while terrorizing Southern babies who dare to look upon their ancestors with pride for making an honorable Stand in defense of their homeland, whether they be the freed or indentured African, or one of the Southern American Indian, or the Yang’s of the Yellow race , or the Southern White man.
I take off my hat to the Alcoa company in Badin , N.C. who said , just maybe we need to sit down at the Table of Brotherhood and talk about this thing , and they did. Black folks and White folks, brothers native to the Southern soil whose ancestors together earned a place of honor serving under the Southern Cross, reinforcing the love and respect they had forged for each other in lieu of the economic institution of slavery that the whole world was complicit in. No longer duped, they found mutual respect for each other and the shared interest in their flag.
The Principal at Carolina Forest could find the same if he only asked. However, there are so many like him who are so afraid of losing their judicial appointments, their paths of tenure, the nights at the Boy Scout Camp fire, bringing their antique cars to the Veteran Day Parade , until they will let the good name of those whose bones lay dry beneath them unable to defend themselves, vanquish into history shrouded in shame by lies and distortions from those who hate all things Southern. And who continue to use Southern Black folks as their weapon of choice while parading a man call Lincoln as their emancipator, the same one who campaigned on behalf of and and signed the Corwin Amendment that had the Southern White man agreed to would have forever kept them in slavery.