Heritage Violation – Little Rock, AR
From: patriot1861@yahoo.com
The Bishop of Little Rock besmirched Robert E. Lee in a recent column found in the Arkansas Catholic.  He wrote that Lee was part of culture of death, while MJK, Jr. was a part of a culture of life and he couldn’t figure out why in the world Arkansas had a day recognizing Lee’s birthday…
My comments:

I am a Catholic and love my faith and Church leaders, but I must say that I am truly hurt and appalled that the Bishop would insult and belittle a man that has been revered in the South as not only its greatest military leader, but a man whose faith in our Lord compelled him in everything that he did.  It is apparent that Bishop Taylor has been misled by the modern day, politically correct assault on the Confederacy and the soldiers who served to defend not slavery, but the constitutional principles that this country was founded on.  He certainly has alienated the thousands of Arkansas Catholics who are the descendants of Confederate soldiers, many of whom fought under Lee.  For shame.  If the Bishop wishes to raise Martin Luther King, Jr. up, he most certainly need not tear the memory of Robert E. Lee down.  I am grateful that Arkansas remembers a man whose characteristics outshine those of the supposed heroes in movie, sports and singing stars people look up to today.  Remember, Lee fought first to defend his home state of Virginia, and subsequently the rest of the Southern States from an invading force.  He detested slavery as can see here in a letter he sent to President Pierce before the War:  "The doctrines and miracles of our Savior have required nearly two thousand years to convert but a small portion of the human race, and even among Christian nations what gross errors still exist! While we see the course of the final abolition of human slavery is still onward, and give it the aid of our prayers, let us leave the progress as well as the results in the hands of Him who, chooses to work by slow influences, and with whom a thousand years are but as a single day."
Charles Lauret
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