From: Georgia Flagger –
Date: Thu, Apr 29, 2010

David and all
What we are witnessing is the "Pine Hill Precident" reaffirmed, courtesy of our own McDaniel Curtis Camp 165 in Carrollton.
As we recall, Pine Hill was the cemetary in Auburn that last year had it’s stick Confederate flags removed from the graves by a idiot black politician – in the presence of UDC women.
The women ran to the media and got 15 minutes of fame, but when it came time to do the right thing and press charges – they just couldn’t find it in themselves to defend thier ancestors.
Here we have church members openly admitting to stealing stick Confederate flags from graves and the McDaniel Curtis camp getting it’s 15 minutes of fame, but already the cowering and shameful behaviour has begun – they have agreed to COMPROMISE with the church to allow only 1st National flags for a 2 week period over the graves, and guarenteed, they will NOT press any charges.
How do I know?

This same camp gave us Allen Trapp, who helped trade away our 56 flag. This camp gave us Tracy Stallings who voted with Barnes to remove our 56 flag. This camp turned me away from marching with them in the local parade because I held a 1956 Ga flag. Members of this camp eagerly shook a scholars hand at a praise lincoln event in the local library that had a display full of lies and omissions, and trashed Thomas DeLorenzo’s books. This camp also refused to particpate in any rededication ceremony to the upcoming 100th anniversary of the Carroll County Confederate Statue, and  this camp told Jack Bridwell to Go To Hell.