Heritage Violation in Carroll UPDATE
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This was found on the comment section below the story by me at 740pm today.
IMHO it looks as if the McDaniel Curtis Camp 165, according to this, did not hold face to face talks, simply wrote a letter begging for compromise, which the church promptly gave and according to the story Sam Pyle of the camp said his group was willing to compromise.
It would seem we have just witnessed the "Pine Hill Precident" (see Auburn flag thefts by councilman) effect happen right before our eyes here in Ga
AbileneBaptistChurch wrote on Thursday, Apr 29 at 07:24 PM »
To our community:
Earlier this week, there was an article in the Times Georgian concerning our church. We want to share with you the events as they took place at Abilene.
Our pastor, Greg Drake, was out of town last week. Prior to his going out of town, he was contacted about battle flags being removed from our cemetery. He then explained our position on the matter to one of the representatives of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. We received a letter from the Sons of Confederate Veterans on Friday, April 23. A portion of the letter read as follows:
“Considerations that we would like to have made in a meeting would include:
The possibility of using the Confederate First National flag (instead of the Battle Flag) and putting flags up closer to Confederate Memorial Day and taking them down soon following.”
Research was done on Saturday, April 24, and the deacons met on Sunday, April 25, to discuss the considerations requested. The church leaders agreed to allow the following to be done in our cemetery next year for Confederate Memorial Day.
1. The First National Confederate Flag may be placed two weeks prior to the Memorial Day.
2. The flags are to be taken down by the day following the Memorial Day.
3. The battle flag, or “rebel flag”, will be removed if placed.
Letters stating the above were then sent to the three members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans who had made contact with the church.
The Abilene cemetery is a private cemetery. The plots which have been purchased were not purchased for ownership, but for someone to be buried in our cemetery with restrictions as deemed appropriate by our church leadership. The cemetery is maintained by the church, and anything that the leaders feel would be controversial or offensive is removed from the cemetery.
We are not against the Sons of Confederate Veterans or any veteran or this holiday. We have the utmost respect for the men and women who have served and are continuing to serve in our armed forces. For us, this is not the issue nor is it an issue of being politically correct. If the world is offended by the Christian flag, the American flag, the Bible, or the cross, then so be it. The Christian flag, American flag, the Bible, and the cross will still stand.
The issue for us is that Christians from all nationalities (Jew, Greek, Caucasian, African-American, Latino, Asian, Middle Eastern, etc) – all Christian brothers and sisters who desire to worship — are welcome to worship with us.
Abilene Baptist Church
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