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The Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners in NC has voted 6-3 to hold Confederate History Month, rejecting a plan to change it to "Civil War Remembrance Month." One of the black members of the board not only voted for Confederate History Month but made an eloquent statement in favor of it. I received the following email yesterday from Commissioner Jim Puckett after I wrote to him on the matter:

"As the person who placed the resolution on the agenda (second time) I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your comments. You will be happy to know that the board approved the resolution, defeating a substitute resolution to make it ‘Civil War Remembrance Month’ on a 6-3 vote with Commissioner Rembert (an African American) making a very eloquent statement explaining her rationale for doing so. Suffice it to say that she is a woman very comfortable with sense of personal worth and achievement. I was honored to have her join me and applaud her willingness to understand that the unfortunate misrepresentation of much of Confederate history and the co-opting of many southern/confederate icons by hate groups and idiots shouldn’t deny those who wish to honor what was good and worthy even in a time and struggle that had much that deserves condemnation. I thank you again for your response and I hope I have the chance to meet you in person sometime.

JimPuckett, Commissioner
Mecklenburg County."

It might not be a bad idea to email Commissioner Rembert and thank her for voting for Confederate History Month. Her email is wirembert04@bellsouth.net.

Mike Griffith
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