Heritage Treason!!!
From: Mshcsa@aol.com
Wonder what the Ladies of the LMA’s throughout the South would say?
Wonder what … Miss Caroline would say about this? These Ladies went up against a Federal Government that did not want the Confederate Soldier, his Cause and his Flags remembered. What would General Stephen Dill Lee say? What about General John B Gordon? What about your ancestors? I hope my ancestors are never ashamed of me for turning my back of the Cause.
Flagging does not give the UDC a bad name. Actions such as this give the UDC a bad name. We are called traitors to the Cause. It is said that we are those who tear down the monuments to the Confederate Soldier.
The UDC needs to reclaim its reputation as Ladies who love and revere the Confederate Soldier, his Cause, and his flags. We need to keep alive the true memory not a political myth made up by some politically correct nuts. Remember this is an election year! Let’s take the UDC out of the hands of traitors and give it to Ladies who love and honor the South. See below:


This is just a reminder that "Flagging" is political and goes against UDC bylaws. We are a non-political, Patriotic society and conduct, such as "Flagging", gives us all a bad name. UDC should not be represented in such a fashion and our Florida members are asked not to participate as "Flaggers.
Gail Crosby,
President, Florida Division UDC