Black History Month

Since this newsletter has to do partly with "Black History Month", I’d like to bring up something and not with a racist tone. I’m a totally combat related disabled veteran and I go to a local VA Hospital here in Eastern Tennessee alot and each year they observe Black History Month and in this area the Black population isn’t as big as some area’s this size. I’m what some people call a history buff and research my family history. Over 70% of the people in my area are of Ulster-Scot or Scottish descent. And the rest are descendants of early English and German settlers. And a lot of these people who descend from these early settlers of Southwest Virginia, Northeast Tennessee and Western North Carolina have Cherokee ancestors.

I have written members of the U.S. Senate, U.S. Congress and VA officials many times about having a month for those of us who are of Western European/Cherokee descent and/or at least have a Native American History Month. I have not received one reply from any of the people I have written in the past several years!

It appears those of us who are of Western European and/or Native American descent are facing total "Cultural Genocide" in this country and the history of the South is being rewritten to suit a small minority, schools, airports, streets, roads, etc. are being renamed, such as with the name MLK. What’s next, Ho Chi Minh Drive, Che Road, Santa Anna Drive, Black Panther Road, Mexico Drive, etc. One small county in my area won’t observe anything to do with the War Between the States, Lee or Jackson, etc. We use to have Confederate Day in one area country and have street events on the main street of the county seat, but it was stopped due to retired Northerners, White and Black’s, moving into the area. But yet, the politically correct socialist liberal politicians run MLK’s Birthday into the ground, the local newspapers fill the front pages with MLK pictures, etc. Now, one of these counties wants to have a big street event, Mexico Independence Day for all the new illegals in the area. Each year near here we have a living history, craft booths, etc. at the birthplace of David Crockett (Hollywood name Davy Crockett, he never used the name Davy) the week of his birthday, but I suppose this event will stop as soon as some of the illegal Mexicans in the area says this event offends them, because Crockett killed Mexicans at the Alamo. And the area high school named for David Crockett will have to be changed someday to Santa Anna High School. Don’t laugh, it could happen here in the U.S. and probably will! In England, "British citizens" are told by the local Council and/or Police to remove the St. George’s flag (Flag of England) and/or the Union flag (United Kingdom flag) being displayed on their property if it offends a Muslim!! Fact!!

If you honour your Confederate ancestors, the politically correct socialist liberals call us a bigot and/or racist and it saddens me to hear that some SCV Camp’s taking part in parades, etc. are afraid to display the Confederate Battle Flag, because it isn’t politically correct. But yet, the politically correct socialist liberals say nothing if a Communist Vietnam flag, Nazi flag, Communist Cuba flag, etc. flying on U.S. soil. The politically correct socialist liberals were even trying to ban the flag of the former South Vietnam flying in South Vietnamese communities, because it offended "Communist" Vietnamese politicians visiting the U.S.

It appears that the White Ulster-Scottish, English, Welsh, Protestant, Southerner heritage and culture is doomed in the U.S. Which is also happening to our Ulster-Scot cousins in Ulster (Northern Ireland).

I will now get off of the soap box, but it’s sad we’re letting our heritage and culture of almost 400 years be destroyed by politically correct socialist liberal politicians, college professors, news reporters and people who put Reverend in front of their name, even though a couple of the most well known attended the Highland Folk Center, a communist education center, in Morristown, Tennessee.

For God, Ulster and the South (U.S.),
Capt. Lynn R. McR. Hawkins, Ret.

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