Florida Confederate Flag Heritage License Plates

From: HK Edgerton

[mailto:hk@csaweb.org] Sent: Tuesday, March 04, 2008

For those who say that our flag represents a time that should not be revisited, and that having a Heritage tag in the great State of Florida would only force that visitation; I like many would welcome a moment such as that. Just maybe this time when our children who sit daily in the public school system; will be given the opportunity to hear a different story told about the things that set a region of people against their brothers of another. Just maybe this time when the story is told; the love that a man called master and that of one called slave will find reasons to be rekindled. Those of us who are truly loyal southerners and have prayed daily to our Lord and Master Jesus Christ, to bring us to the point of vindication , stand ready for any public dialogue, a dialogue that should and must take place.

Here we stand in preparation to elect a new leader of this nation, and Southerners are forced once again to hold their heads in shame because of the rhetoric and slander put forward by those who come among us , groveling for votes and money as their attack upon the Southern Cross is surely an attack upon the Southern people. Obama proclaims to stand for change, but is there change in store for, or against Southern people? He is a man that continues to parade through the South praising and comparing himself to Lincoln. I personally cannot come to how any knowledgeable Southerner could or would embrace Lincoln, and any man running for the highest office in the land , especially from Lincoln’s Illinois should at least know this. John McCain fares no better. Any man who would come to the South and talk down on the Southern Cross as John McCain has done on many an occasion; is he deserving of Southern votes and monies or not ?. It’s gut check time. Do we as a proud people continue to sit back and watch as we face social and cultural genocide as our children are forced to remember their ancestors in shame while folks continue to come amongst us and change the landscape of the South. Some of the most honorable people on God’s earth fought and died under the Southern Cross for Southern Independence, both Red, yellow, Black and White. No matter the slanderous and bigoted cartoons, the slander and lies of those who are paraded before us against the Christian Cross of St .Andrew; I am a man who has adorned the uniform of the Southern Soldier while brandishing his glorious banner and trod where so called legendary civil rights leaders trod while rocks, bottles and racist epithets were hurled in their paths, through towns where the whole Black population had fled; to cheers of delight that someone who looked like me would come and tell of a time when a man call Slave and one called Master , looked upon each other as family and friend, and shared a love for each other to this very day that has withstood the evils of so called Reconstruction , the uncertainty of the turbulent civil rights (state rights) periods; though much of that love was pushed asunder, and once again is being severely tested as loyal Southern Blacks are being asked again to turn their backs on their Southern White family and the honor earned by their ancestors who stood faithfully with their Southern family in feeding, clothing and building the economies of much of the civilized world, and when the time came, stood once again beside their Southern White family, in defense of their homeland ; the Southland of America.

I don’t know how any man, or woman proposing to be elected to the highest office in this land could purport a policy to heal the rift between the peoples of other lands, when they are afraid to come clean with the people of this nation, and especially undo the distortions placed upon an honorable people and their symbols. God bless the Great State of Florida and best wishes for a successful passage of the Confederate Heritage License Plate. It is a rich and glorious heritage for all its citizens and should be proud to be scrutinized by all.

HK Edgerton