Posted by: Mike Tuggle on Sep 20, 06

Noel Ignatiev, in a charming little piece he called "Abolish the White Race," said it first:

The goal of abolishing the white race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed white supremacists.

So when the fine folks at the Southern Poverty Law Center report on any effort to stop the Third-World takeover of our civilization, it’s always the enlightened supporters of immigrants versus the white supremacists:

While Tancredo’s hard-line "deport ’em all" stance on immigration has made him a favorite politician of white supremacists, this marked the first time the congressman has appeared at a hate group event.

This is why the forces of political correctness demonize the South. Now there are those Southern supporters who seem to think that if we stuck to nothing but history, and kept out of modern-day politics, our enemies would leave us alone. But it should be clear by now that such is not the case.

The reason Southern culture is under such blistering attacks these days is the same reason Christians were persecuted in ancient Rome: who we are constitutes a direct threat to the powers that be. A shared culture is the only legitimate, long-lasting foundation for genuine peace, for genuine order, and genuine, shared prosperity. Those who lust for power understand that organic order stands in their way, so they must destroy traditional culture. Then, as chaos takes over, the forces of centralization and regimentation seize the opportunity to impose their own order, an order based on bureaucratic mandate. Instead of a sense of personal responsibility, or worse, as far as the centralizers are concerned, religious faith to guide individuals, government surveillance ensures compliance with the rules. All who profit from regulation, therefore, have a vested interest in wrecking traditional culture and imposing central control. There’s no money for them in a proud, orderly, self-regulating society based on faith and tradition.

And for those who think it’s only the presence of that bad ol’ League of the South that gave the Confederate Battleflag a bad reputation, consider the facts. In 1991, the NAACP issued a "Confederate Flag Resolution," in which it referred to the flag as an "abhorrence to all Americans and decent people" and an "odious blight upon the universe." The League of the South wasn’t even founded until 1994. It’s Southern heritage — including Confederate heritage — that the multicultural government and its little helpers, including the NAACP and the SPLC, despise. As a matter of fact, the SPLC has long attacked both Southern heritage and the SCV as bigoted, racist, supremacist, blah-blah.

It’s a fight they picked, not us. It’s the SPLC that declared war on the South, not just on the League of the South. Here’s the proof.

The SPLC web site says that Southern heritage is inherently racist:

"As a white Southerner for eight generations, my heritage is the Confederate past," says Yale history professor Glenda Gilmore. "My ancestors fought for the Confederacy and owned slaves. But I know that my heritage is based on hate, on the hatred that grew from owning other human beings and fighting one’s countrymen for the right to own those human beings."

So it follows that any organization full of white Southerners, by the SPLC’s logic, is also inherently racist. In the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Summer 2000 Intelligence Report, the Southern Heritage movement is said to have:

"… links to militias and other antigovernment ‘Patriot’ groups. But what may be most remarkable of all is the way that racism, a visceral dislike for black people, has come to characterize the movement."

As proof, the Intelligence Report says this of the Sons of Confederate Veterans:

"… it has also had, and still does have, a number of prominent members with white supremacist leanings. In 1996, Peter W. Orlebeke, the SCV’s then-leader, said that slavery could be defended biblically, and wasn’t really so bad …"

So, if you read the Bible’s statements on slavery literally, you are promoting "white supremacy."

The Southern Poverty Law Center’s exposé on each group within the Southern Heritage movement said this about the United Daughters of the Confederacy: "Although the UDC promotes an image of genteel Southern ladies concerned only with honoring their ancestors … its publications sometimes belie that benign appearance. In a 1989 article in UDC Magazine, for instance, Walter W. Lee argued that that "the enslaved African lived an idyllic existence in an unspoiled Disneyland, complete with self-mowing lawns."

Now, how does publishing a saccharine view of plantation life make the UDC guilty of having "a visceral dislike for black people" ?

So you see, the SPLC has always disliked the SCV, and all organizations promoting Southern heritage. Which explains why the SPLC promotes Third-World immigration as the ultimate antidote to Southern heritage. MCT

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