Heritage, Hate, or Something Else

From: athyriot@hotmail.com
To: vanharl@aol.com


Good Morning:

I opt for Heritage.

Apparently living in the South you kept both ears and your mind closed.

The flag you seem to think represents the greatest attempt to tear apart these United States in actuality is the soldiers’ flag used in combat – but you’re not a combat officer. The color guard carried the unit’s colors and the national flag and the battle flag. What you saw was the battle flag.

Thank goodness those of your ilk are not in power, because you’d merely throw out the 1st Amendment and make having a Confederate battle flag illegal – all in the name of inclusiveness and political correctness – and petitioning the government for redress of grievances? All gone!

So, you’ve been a reenactor? When the battle flag is abolished, what will the Confederates use? To read your comments, the white flag, probably. But, then again, warfare is killing, and that’s certainly not politically correct or inclusive, so we’ll just ban that, too.

And when no one is offended anymore, just how boring a life will we have?

Confederate Reenactor
Published Historian
MAJ Field Artillery (Ret.)
LTC Georgia State Militia commanding the color guard

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