Support Confederate Heritage Friendly Candidates
We are looking to support candidates who:
1.  Support the Southern Protection of Monuments Act.  This bill would forbid the removal of statues and monuments of our Confederate heroes.  In Selma, Alabama for example, removal of such public monuments has been a problem.
2.  Honor our Confederate Heritage. 70% of the citizens of southern states can trace their ancestor to a direct ancestor or relative who fought in the War Between The States.  The bulk of them are proud of that fact.

3.  Support Confederate Heritage Month. That is celebrated in April in most southern states. It is important for our public officials to honor and proclaim this annual event.
Henry Ross – Congress 1st District
Joe Tegerdine – Congress 4th District  Joe proudly flies our flag.
Rand Paul, US Senate.  Son of Ron Paul, one of the more famous members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.
South Carolina
Henry McMaster – Governor
Bill Connor – Lt. Governor
Kelly Payne – SC Superintendent of Education
Curtis Loftis – State Treasurer
United States Congress for South Carolina, House of Representatives
Katherine Jenerette – Congress 1st District
Christina Jeffrey –  Congress 4th District
Jim Pratt – Congress 6th District
South Carolina House of Representatives
Sean Pike – SC 116
Lee Edwards – SC 119
Alabama Candidates
Tim James or Judge Roy Moore, Governor
Hank Erwin, Lt. Governor
George Wallace, Treasurer
Luther Strange, Attorney General
John McMillan, State Commissioner of Agriculture
Chip Beeker, Public Service Commissioner Place 1
Terry Dunn, Public Service Commissioner Place 2
Mike Bolin, Supreme Court Place 2
Tom Parker, Supreme Court Place 3
United States Congress, Alabama House of Representatives
Stephanie Bell – Congress 2nd District
Mo Brooks – Congress 5th District
Stan Cooke – Congress 6h
Ken Gawronski – Alabama State Board of Education District 8
More about Alabama Candidates, subject to June 1 Republican Primary.
Judge Roy Moore has been very supportive of Confederate Heritage as he has allowed the Alabama Secession Day Seminars for the past two years to be held in his office building.  He is also known for standing for our states rights.
Tim James is proud of his Confederate Heritage. His father’s proper name is Forrest Hood James, named after 2 prominent Confederate Generals. Both Tim James and Fob James are known for their support of our 10th Amendment rights.
Hank Erwin, candidate for Alabama Lt. Governor. Hank Erwin remembers at family reunions when they talked about his ancestor fighting under Stonewall Jackson.  Hank remembers his father reminding him of our southern heritage, the importance of standing as Stonewall Jackson did for what is right, for our  states rights, and most of all, standing for God and country.
George Wallace, Jr. for Treasurer of Alabama. George is proud of his father, who we all know as the symbol of states rights.  George Wallace, Jr will proudly carrying on the family tradition, stand for our family heritage, and will not bow the knee to the liberal media.
John McMillian, Alabama Commissioner of Agriculture. My great grandfather, Benjamin Franklin McMillan, was a civil war veteran and later a delegate to the 1901 Constitutional Convention.  Benjamin as a young man fought the good fight for our heritage, and as an old man assisted in giving us our Alabama Constitution, a well written document protecting our states rights.  We know despite the thoughts of the liberal media to the contrary, our Alabama Constitution is a great document. John McMillan also relates to nearly a dozen more ancestors and relatives who fought in the just cause of the War.
Mo Brooks – Congress, Alabama 5th District
Mo Brooks has one of the strongest records for states’ rights of any candidates running for office today. Mo has southern roots dating back to the early 1800s and had several kinfolk (from Georgia and Tennessee) who bravely fought in the Civil War of 1861-65. Mo Brooks is proud of his southern heritage and proud to be related to those who fought in the War Between the States and helped found our nation. Mo Brooks carries on the family tradition of states’ rights that was intended by the original signers of the U.S. Constitution.
Chip Beeker – Alabama Public Service Commission.  Chip remembers his grandfather talking about Phillip Sparks Beeker who fought in the 49th Infantry from North Carolina.  As he bravely fought and was killed by the yankees in 1862 in Virginia. Chip is proud of his southern genealogy on both his mothers and fathers side, with numerous ancestors and relatives who fought for the cause.  Chip says that when he meets those folks on Resurrection Day, he wants to tell them that he always proudly displayed our flag and was never ashamed of his southern heritage.
Stephanie Bell – Congress 2nd District Alabama
Stephanie has stood for the people and consistently taken the politically incorrect position while serving on the Alabama State School Board, District 3, as she stood in high places for our Confederate heritage. Stephanie is a member of the United Daughters of the Confederacy UDC. At a recent Ala bama Confederate Fall Muster, Stephanie Bell addressed this large Confederate gathering as the key note speaker.  Stephanie Bell is an obvious leader and is a candidate for Congress in the 2nd Congressional District. District includes Montgomery, Dothan and south west Alabama.
Tom Parker – Friend of Confederates
Alabama Supreme Court Justice Tom Parker said there was nothing wrong with him distributing rebel flags at the funeral of a Confederate widow or associating with people linked to Old South groups.
Parker said he passed out the Confederate flags at the funeral in Elba of Alberta Stewart Martin, who died May 31 at age 97 and was the last widow of a Confederate veteran. In July, he said, he attended a party in Selma commemorating the birthday of Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest. Parker said he was invited to speak at the birthday party for Forrest, which was held at the home of Pat and Butch Godwin, who tried unsuccessfully to display a bust of Forrest on public property in Selma. Parker said he did not consider his actions in either event inappropriate for a judicial candidate.
“If there is any more appropriate place for the display of the Confederate battle flag than at the funeral for the last Confederate widow, I would like for someone to explain it to me,” Parker said. "Political correctness should not cause people to dishonor our history."
Tom Parker, candidate for reelection to Justice of Alabama Supreme Court. Tom has taken the heat and stood for you. Will you stand with Tom Parker? Take action, help, donate
For above candidates, the Mississippi Primary is June 1, Alabama Primary is June 1, and South Carolina Primary is June 8. Promote the cause by forwarding this email to your friends and stand with those who stand for us.