Heritage Defenders
From: gpthelastrebel@att.net
Do not see other readers of SHNVs out to defend Southern Heritage very often. I fail to understand why. Are we spread so thin that we never cross each other’s paths? What is the problem, I would really love to know. I know we can’t stomp out every fire, but we should make some concentrated efforts to shut up the neo-yankee crowd. Does anyone have any suggestions? We can work together as a group, or be defeated as individuals
As an example I wrote in a couple of days ago about two blogs spewing their hate and bigotry around the web. Dead Confederates at http://deadconfederates.com/2013/09/28/an-open-apology-to-the-virginia-flaggers/#comments
Student of The Civil War — http://studycivilwar.wordpress.com/2013/10/03/children-of-the-confederacy/
I have yet to see anyone except myself stand up for our heritage on either blog. I have been banned so now the haters can post as they please. All blog pages by these two authors can be accessed by finding the blog tags at the bottom of the pages.

Due to me being banned from these blogs,  which are connected to others, and they work as a group, I have created a Southern Heritage blog–Cold Southern Steel at http://coldsouthernsteel.wordpress.com/  I have a website that is full of useful Information– Southern Heritage Advancement Preservation and Education (SHAPE) at http://southernheritageadvancementpreservationeducation.com/page.php?4
From this homepage you can get to SHAPE’s Negroes in Gray and Yankee Atrocities websites.
Please make yourself welcome and show some support at either SHAPE’s websites or my new log.
George Purvis