Dear SHNV Friends,
More and more Southerners who believe “The South Was Right” faithfully write many letters to schools, politicians and the media seeking patiently to establish some accuracy in the media. Victories are rare because our approach on these levels is too little by too few people though much of it is of high quality writings and very accurate in presentation.Many others remain placid and compliant victims.
The American society, especially in the northern and western States, is growing more hostile by the day to Christians and Southerners as we continue to so easily compromise on orthodox Christian principles and continue to entrust the education of our youth to a central state that is clearly totalitarian in nature.
Southern parents proudly fly the secular national flag of the U.S. government in their yards and even in front of their churches and Christian institutions of education in a misguided effort to show their patriotism to a generation of Americans who do not know the difference between patriotism and true nationalism. They willingly and readily render supremacy to the U.S. central, federal, government. Were they truly patriotic they would at least fly their State flags.
They often and willingly repeat and repeat hundreds of times during their life and say with pride the Pledge of Allegiance to the U.S. flag with tears in their eyes with their hands affectionately placed over their hearts, an action used in the past to show affection for God. Such action may be considered idolatry and an abomination to God for several reasons. This kind of gauling compliance is common among populations of subjugated peoples around the world. Southerners speak with the same self-congratulatory tone about the U.S. that is promoted by the lying masters of propaganda.
It is likely that if each Southern State were today suddenly given independence that their self-designed governments would resemble the U.S. fascist and corrupt federal government more than that designed by the U.S. Founders and Framers of the U.S. Constitution.
What so many are doing with Southern Heritage defence is very important, however, much more than Heritage Defence is needed. No military ever wins a war where their basic plan is so focused on defence.
We need to do two things. The first one is very personal. We must reeducate ourselves and shed the miasma of reconstruction. I hear Southerners all the time who cherish  their heritage who no longer really understand what that heritage is. They are sincerely trying to keep the faith but are, at times, clueless as to what that faith really means, and have adopted egalitarian and agnostic answers to today’s problems. There is an abundance of great Southern writings with whom we desperately need to become reacquainted. We cannot teach our children that which we do not know.
The second is guard the avenues of the souls of the members of our families and to teach our own children an accurate history AND world view within the context of a practicing Christian agrarian family culture. Most Southerners today think agrarianism is just about being a farmer when it is really a world view. We need a society through which our children can learn these things. It might be called "The New Young Agrarians."
For the most part Southern youth are now in the training schools of agnostic education learning a worldview that is even more violent than that which was resisted by our ancestors. Southerners who send their children to government schools have sacrificed their future willingly to the political enemies of freedom and the enemies of our souls. This makes their defence very hollow. Millions of our people no longer send their children to state schools, but that is not yet enough to secure a sane culture for the future. We must educate our own children and fit them for a new Southern agrarian society.
Thirdly, we need to attack yankee totalitarian control and influence often and on all of its fronts, political, social, cultural and religious. We need to direct our efforts to not just defend our past but to attack the nonsense in the present government and culture. We have people who yell "foul" when we are violated, but we do not physically resist as we should. We must learn how to effectively frame and stage our resistance.
Timothy D. Manning, M.Div
Executive Director
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Kernersville, North Carolina 27284
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