Letter to the Editor: Heritage being yanked away

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This letter is to anyone who believes it is right for Beaufort High School to take my freedom away from me.

How would you like for someone to yank your heritage from under your feet? I don’t appreciate it at all.

I understand this Confederate flag isn’t a part of your heritage, but it is a part of mine. It’s a part of me, it is just like blood.

I never thought that in America my right to wear the Confederate flag would be taken away. And to those of you who keep saying there are more important things to worry about, like the war going on in Iraq, why don’t you think about why they are fighting? It’s to keep us free.

That’s why I have the right to organize the protest I partake in, because we are free. Like Martin Luther King, I never plan on giving up. And I will win this battle one way or another.

Unlike some other students I don’t like to bring other heritages into this conflict, because I believe you have the right to wear what you want.

One girl from Battery Creek remarked, "If heritage were the case, a student could come to school wearing a shirt displaying a swastika and say that since one of his relatives fought for Germany during World War II, it’s part of his heritage." Well, all I have to say to you is, you need to study a little longer, because this flag does not represent murder of thousands of innocent people. It represents defiance, courage and bravery.

It amazes me how many people truly believe this Confederate flag stands for racism and hate. Instead of preaching a lie, just go to the library and do a little research. Then, maybe, depending on your mindset, you’ll see it our way.

Brook Armstrong

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