Confederate Heritage "attack"

Although I realize that this may be deleted, I am sending it anyway just to see what the response will be.  Maybe we all should send this by snail mail and let them know that they have lost thousands of dollars in revenue by taking such intolerant action!
Leon Puissegur
Lt. Commander
General Nathan B Forrest
Camp 1931
Covington, LA.

I, like my friend, Mr. Charles Lauret was going to have a 5 day stay in your community, but with this "attack" upon my heritage, my family, a number of 10 by the way, will spend the $3,000 plus in another section of your state, we may even go to another state which is more "tolorent, and diverse"!   Since you have made this decision, I know for a fact that between Mr. Lauret’s family and mine your community has now lost over $4,000 in possible revenue and probably much much more once word gets out about your "attack" upon our Southern heritage!
Leon Puissegur
Bogalusa, LA.