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Greetings Chuck and All

On the 6 o’clock News tonight (1-12-07) on two different channels the the SCV was shown having their Lee-Jackson celebration at the Lee Monument in Richmond, Va. Also there was Kahil Kalafani (Hope I spelled his name wrong) a Muslim want to be and the current Va. State President of the NAACP (TANNED KLAN) and some of his cohorts to protest against the money spent on the Lee Monument and he also called Gen. LEE a Traitor and objected to any history about him being taught to school children in Va. The hatred that the NAACP has for Southern Confederate Americans is so great they should change their name to the National Association AGAINST CONFEDERATE PEOPLE since all their problems today we seem to be their #1 Enemy. Of course the biased media showed him giving his speech trashing Gen. Lee and didn’t give any SCV members or other Southerners there to give their view on the Lee celebration. One station did show Delegate Ben Cline of Lexington, Va. who spoke in favor of the money spent to clean the Lee Monument and that it is a National Landmark. All the NAACP is doing will greatly antagonize a lot of people and their ongoing war against Southern Heritage and Culture they are using as a gateway for Reparations. Ross Mackenzie After 37 years as editor of the editorial pages of Richmond’s Times-Dispatch who will retire on Jan. 18th was asked in the 1-07-07 edition the question what was the biggest issues, and his answer I quote him "Race. Jurisdictional division. And all that history-the Revolution, the Founding, and the FERGIT-NEVERS still fighting the Civil War." Far as I am concerned he could have left 37 years ago as Mackensie, Lincoln and Kalifani are three peas of the same pod. I ask all the readers of SHNV to make their voices heard about Gen. Lee being called a traitor and maybe their new editor Todd Culbertson will have a different view of us. Send to Letters@timesdispatch.com or for the Petersburg, Va. paper at lettertoeditor@progress-index.com I for one really appreciate the E-mails to me and the letters to the papers my Southern Confederate Compatriots have sent from all over our Beloved Southland. Most of all thanks to all the Great People at SHNV


Bob Kline
Occupied Petersburg

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