Help wanted


T. Warren wrote: <<<I would also like to mention that it has been quite enjoyable of late to see NW back in the trenches and back in print here on SHNV.>>>

Thanks for that, and folks, help is urgently needed in those trenches:  SC state senator Vincent Sheheen is the Dummacrat nominee for governor, and he has expressed willingness to discuss removing the C-flag from the
state house plaza.

My friends and I have produced a newspaper headlining this outrage and exposing Sheheen for the troublemaker he is. We need to get 10,000 copies out to citizens immediately if not sooner.

This is an enjoyable form of exercise and can be done on foot or on wheels. Never seen the SC state house plaza? We need help getting copies to all legislative offices in the Blatt and Gressette buildings.

Will y’a’ll do it? I put out requests for help over and over in SHNV, and basically nobody answers. Is it my dandruff or my ring-around-the-collar? If we’re not up for A-C-T-I-O-N when it’s desperately needed, what the hay good are we anyway?!

If SC falls, so does a lot more.

PLEASE EMAIL OR CALL! 864-356-9966


PS If I’m ever not heard from in SHNV for any length of time, it’s probably because Charter or some other faceless digital behemoth is censoring me again. Charter most definitely does censor my political mail.