Help Us Honor North Carolina’s Patriots in the Sesquicentennial: 1861-2011!
Please help us put North Carolina’s War Between the States Sesquicentennial Observance on the web. This first-class website will tell the story of and honor the brave North Carolinians who served, fought, suffered and died in a Second War of Independence for the Old North State. 
The patriotism, the people, the self-sacrifice, the leaders, the regiments, their battles; and most importantly the reasons for choosing self-determination and political liberty in 1861 will be examined and presented from a truly North Carolina perspective. We promise a website of research and information to be proud of, and our introduction will be penned by native Tarheel and distinguished Professor of History Dr. Clyde N. Wilson, Editor of the John C. Calhoun Papers.
Why This Website?
Predictably, the mainstream media will ignore North Carolina’s honorable role in defending its liberty from 1861-1865 and vilify it patriots. We will publish a website that is available to all 24/7 worldwide, and one you can direct your friends, family, relatives and acquaintances to in order to learn the truth about North Carolina’s participation in a war to preserve the Founders’ Constitution, and liberty for their native State.
This fundraising effort is sponsored by the non-profit Cape Fear Historical Institute ( with any and all generous donations welcome to help us get the website online as quickly as possible.  These  are very difficult and tight economic times, but the  cause of the truth as we observe the Sesquicentennial of  the War is paramount. Your donations of $25, $50 and $100 will help us get this website up fast!
Please make your generous donation payable to:
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Bernhard Thuersam, Executive Director
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