Help Save Forrest Park
The SCV & UDC members of the Memphis area call on you for help. Last week, in an act of lunacy, the Memphis City Council vioted to rename our 3 Southern parks in Memphis. Forrest Park will become Health Sciences Park. Confederate Park will become Memphis Park. And Jefferson Davis Park will become Mississippi River Park.
We plan legal action against the City of Memphis to stop this brazen attempt to eradicate our heritage.
We desperately need the help of all of our SCV and UDC members and friends from all across the country and the world.
Join us to Save our Parks
The Memphis City Council has passed a resolution to change the names of our 3 Southern 100-year old parks.
We MUST preserve our history. We will FIGHT this injustice.
Help us save Forrest Park, Confederate Park and Jefferson Davis Park.
Contribute to the Park Defense Fund: Mail your check to: PO Box 11141 Memphis, TN 38111
If you can send $100, or even $20, or more, it will help in our upcoming legal actions against the city.
N. B. Forrest Camp 215, R. E. Lee Camp 1640, Wigfall Greys Camp 1560,
J. R. Chalmers Camp 1312,
General Forrest UDC 1194, Gayoso UDC 2423, Memphis
Nancy Todd
Gayoso 2423
Memphis, TN