Help us restore Colonel Reb!


Restore Col. Reb at Ole Miss

Folks please do what you can to help this group restore Col. Reb to Ole Miss.  To sign the petition you must be a registered voter In Mississippi.  However they are selling a CD for a total of $13.00, which will help support the effort and pay various fees.  I encourage each and every Southern patriot to help out any way you can. Please visit the Col. Reb PAC website at

We need 100,000 registered Mississippi voters to sign our petition for Initiative Measure # 37 to put Colonel Reb on the state ballot in 2012 or 2014.

The Colonel Reb Political Action Committee, founded and registered in March 2011, is working hard to restore Colonel Reb as the official mascot of the University of Mississippi.  This exciting goal can realistically be
achieved by getting Colonel Reb on a statewide Mississippi ballot, as a special initiative — Initiative Measure Number 37.

The flag of Mississippi was saved in 2001 by a statewide vote, and this strategy can be used to bring back Colonel Reb. We believe this strategy is the only way to restore the Colonel.

In July 2011, we completed all of the required paperwork with the state capitol to begin our statewide petition drive.  The goal of this petition drive is to obtain the required 100,000 signatures of registered Mississippi voters. After the signatures are verified by county clerks, Colonel Reb will have earned his position on the ballot.

It is our hope to have Colonel Reb on the November 2012 presidential election ballot, as a special initiative (Initiative Measure Number 37).

Then, all it will take is a majority of voters to vote “Yes” for the Colonel, and the Constitution of the State of Mississippi will be amended to make Colonel Reb permanently “the official and sole mascot” of Ole Miss by state law.

Read the background about Colonel Reb and the Black Bear Mascot at: