Help Please
Need some help from your readers. First of all I cannot find the Confederate soldier mentioned, James M. Boler or Boland who was wounded and lost an arm. Anyone who has any documentation proving service of Frank Rangs as detailed below please email me.
Not all South Carolina African Americans who were attached to Confederate service applied for or received pensions from the state. Joseph Gainey of Spartanburg shared the following account with the author.
According to the Greenville News of 29 August 1930 (section 2, page 21 ,columns 2-4), Frank Rangs, aged 93 years, not only had accompanied his young master Hut Boler from Newberry into Civil War service but also had served with Gen. Robert F. Lee. According to Rangs, he entered service with Boler and served until Boler lost his right arm. Boler and Rangs then returned to Newberry, and Jim Boler, the younger Boler’s father, again sent Rangs to serve with the Army of Northern Virginia. At that time, Rangs began cooking and washing for General Lee. Rangs’ service ended at Appomattox.
Preliminary checking located a Jamcs M. Boland (1841-1922) of Newberry County who served in Confederate forces. Boland has a CSA marker and is buried in Hinson Cemetery near Pomaria.