On Wed, Sep 2, 2009, Pamela Fiebig, pammiewood@yahoo.com wrote:

First of all, thank you so much for giving me peace about the missing Griff.  I was indeed becoming concerned due to the length of time he has been absent but learning that this is his ‘m. o.’ relieves my concerns.  Thank you so much.

As I mentioned on the phone, we have discussed you several times.  And as I said, I have been following your actions for years.  You have done so much for our Cause and I deeply respect that and appreciate that.  I hope that before we leave this earth I shall one day have the deep honor to meet you personally.

Thank you for so much.

Pamela Lee Wood Fiebig
Occupied Pace, Florida


— On Wed, 9/16/09, HK Edgerton, hk.edgerton@gmail.com wrote:

From: HK Edgerton, hk.edgerton@gmail.com
To: Pamela Fiebig, pammiewood@yahoo.com
Date: Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dear Ms. Pamela,

I hope that you have had the opportunity to talk to grif many times since our telephone conversation. And thank you for the very kind message. I look forward to meeting you as well.

Your brother,



From: Pamela Fiebig, pammiewood@yahoo.com
Date: Wed, Sep 16, 2009
To: HK Edgerton, hk.edgerton@gmail.com

Oh, indeed so, Sir….I think he was impressed that I called you.  I told him I was somewhat starstruck in speaking with you because I have held is such esteem for so many years…he laughed.  And he immediately restored my email address to their systems…apparently they had technical issues that wiped out some email addresses which was the cause of me not hearing from them.  They had many others contact them as well.  I don’t have any phone numbers for them…just email and Griff phones me.  Thank goodness Dixie Outfitters was so very nice to give me your phone number.  Keep our country in your prayers, my friend.  We need God to take care of us now, more than ever.  Take care of yourself, too, H. K.  I look forward to the day we shall all meet in person.  What an honor it will be to shake your hand.  Again, thank you so much for whom you are to all of us.