Hello Mr. Edgerton / Proposed Schedule Of Events And March

From: HK Edgerton [mailto:hk@csaweb.org]
Sent: Monday, August 11, 2008

To those who might buy into the hatred and contempt that Ms. Williams often displays to me and may just wonder if there is some merit in her questioning about my Marches. God bless her , for I find that it is merit there. However, I would only ask that she allow me to answer the question that she puts forth and just if she will allow me to put it somewhat differently. For Ms. Williams information, I march almost six days per week with my flag and if she and others can visualize what I face:

There are times that I act as a cheer leader as I lead and join in with the chorus of Rebel Yells from the many passer byes as their spirits seem so uplifted by the sight of the Southern Cross and even so much more so that it is being carried by a man as black as coal. There are oft more times that I act as a teacher as I tell a different tale than that told in the public school system or in the media or by the poverty pimps who all fill their coffers debasing the memory of the many who love and defend the glorious banner that I strut with. There is never a time when I don’t have to act as a preacher carrying Gods Christian message of love and forgiveness to those who would hurl not only curses in my direction, but also sticks and stones to break my bones . And yes to admonish Ms. Williams comments about the chicken, there are days like this past weekend when I would strut around amongst the large crowds at the annual Sourwood Festival here in Black Mountain, N.C. adorned in my DixieOutFitter and Southern Heritage 411 apparel while carrying the Southern Cross, and after standing on the corner of Main street some four hours on both Saturday and Sunday of this event posing for pictures, answering questions; luckily a man would offer to buy me a piece of chicken, one would offer me a peach, another and his wife a glass of tea and a cone of ice cream, but more importantly a dose of Southern love and a prayer for god’s blessings on the work I would do before the day was done.

As far as money is concerned, sure could use some to travel the many miles to answer the daily cries that I receive from so many . Not that I am a great Messiah that can solve all, but it seems to help that a man that looks like me carrying the message that there was a love for not only a man called Master, Family, and Friend , but in lieu of what has been done to put asunder that love, it still exists in the Southland of America and like those of his ancestors a Black man like me is willingly to make a stand for his homeland and family.


From: Ellen Williams [mailto:jeffersondavis@wildblue.net]
Sent: Thursday, August 07, 2008

What is the PURPOSE of these "marches?"

Does it begin with an "m" and is negotiable at Kentucky Fried Chicken?


From: HK Edgerton [mailto:hk@csaweb.org]
Sent: Wednesday, August 06, 2008

December 4, 2008 — March 5 miles into downtown Abbeville, South Carolina

December 5, 2008 — Community event with Olde Abbeville Camp #39 Sons of Confederate Veterans in downtown Abbeville (Birth place of the Confederacy)

December 6, 2008 — Community event with Olde Abbeville Camp #39 Sons of Confederate Veterans in downtown Abbeville

December 8, 2008 — March 5 miles from Salem High School to School in Conyers, Georgia (March begins at 6:30 AM terminating with a vigil outside school)

December 10, 2008 — March 5 miles, Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery, Alabama (Hold one hour vigil)

December 11, 2008 — Hold one hour vigil on courthouse grounds in Jena, Louisiana

December 12, 2008 — March 5 miles to Laine’s school site to be determined in Louisiana; hold vigil outside school

December 13, 2008 — March 5 miles into downtown Crystal Springs, Mississippi

December 16, 2008 — March 5 miles to Salem High School in Crockett, Texas; hold a vigil outside school

December 18-December 23, 2008 — Texas culminating with a vigil at the Texas Supreme Courthouse on December 23, 2008