Hello from California
From: globeandanchor@bigplanet.com
Some years back in the late Eighties my wife and I toured the deep South and we took the horse-drawn carriage tour of Savannah, Georgia.  During that tour the tour guide past an Ante-Bellum Victorian mansion.  The tour guide gave a presentation that when Sherman and his Army stayed in Savannah his Christmas gift to Lincoln was not the only reason.  It seems that General Sherman’s former mistress resided in Savannah and this kept him occupied for some length of time.  To make this story even more interesting the tour guide went on to say that General Sherman’s Army was in the process of occupying Charlestown, S.C. and his Commander’s could not communicate with General Sherman.  The Confederate Army was evacuating Charlestown across a "pontoon" bridge and escaping.  Without General Sherman’s orders they did not have permission to attack the fleeing Confederates; so they sat and let their enemy move out to the North.
I know this story may be myth; but, like movie director John Ford said before…"When in doubt to make a movie about the truth or the myth; make the myth".  Good story weather fact or fiction.
Mike in Sacramento