A heads up for your children and yourself as well
From: tandpam@shawneelink.net
Chuck and all,
It has probably been since what is known as the Mayan Wars in the Central Americas, since I have truly been able to pass along info that might actually saves someone’s life. I can do this easily via this newsletter.
For what it is worth, (and I believe that to be considerable), for those on this news list with teenage kids, and young adults who might attend what is known in younger circles as "Hardcore" concerts ( the most angry and pro violence  of expression through ong out there…… please be advised of the following……there has been for sometime  what is called a " brotherhood"  in reality a "gang" known as FSU.(friends stand united.) http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=friends%20stand%20united
This gang started in the Boston area back a few short years and has in truth spread to anywhere there are "hardcore" music events and that can be anywhere. In fact there are "hardcore concerts right here in my own backyard as podunk as this area is.
This gang is known for it’s extreme beatings of concert goes, promoters, and bystanders who may simply be caught standing in a line at a venue.
Be advised, and I can not stress this enough………favorite targets of FSU, are those of us who wear articles of clothing with our beloved Confederate symbols. This is not coming off the top of ole T’s head, this can be backed up by law enforcement officers.
Now, I am certainly not suggesting that everyone pack up their Pro South apparel…….. I for one will NEVER do that. I am however, as a concerned parent sending this heads up, if you have children, grandchildren, or are young enough yourself that you attend these venues…just displaying our beloved symbols, can most possibly land yopu in the hospital, or God forbid the morgue.
A simple Google search should be able to provide y’all with enough facts about FSU to prove me right.
This bunch of yankee born  misfit/ haters have spread their teachings and actions  all along the Southeast coast, some through the Midwest up here, and as far away as the west coast.
Well this post is the best heads-up that I as a musician, whose work takes me to all kinds of venues can pass along. Certainly as one who loves the South as I do, I would be shucking my duties, not to make this post.
Fly your colours loud and proud always, but use them good ole Southern Smarts when ya do…….
Most sincere regards
T Warren, /Musician
Heritage Officer Knox camp 2022 Ga Div SCV