He called Proud Southerners a hate group and is seeking city council seat
From: AlMccray@aol.com
Hi friends of Proud Southern Heritage,
I need help in replacing Mr. Curtis Stokes on the Tampa City Council. He once called Proud Southerners a "Hate Group".
You all remember Mr. Curtis Stokes, A Black man and ex NAACP president in Tampa. A few years ago at the time of the Tampa Flag dedication ceremony he called, on an FM radio, the Proud Southerners at the memorial site a "hate group". We are proud, but we are not a hate group. We are very proud of our Southern Heritage.
I am, as an individual and Proud Southerner, supporting a candidate to defeat Mr. Curtis Stokes in the March election for the Tampa City Council.
Mr. Stokes resigned from the NAACP. He was just recently appointed to complete the balance of a term on of a resigned council person on the Tampa City Council. He promised he would not run for a regular term if he was appointed. Guess what, like many po- lie- ticians he has flipped flopped and now is seeking that seat. The election is March 2011. If he is elected, he will serve four years. 
Do we need any politician in any office or any where else that considers Proud Southerners a "hate group"? That answer is definitely no.
Far too long Proud Southerners have done nothing when our Proud Southern Heritage was made fun of, laugh at, and ridiculed. We have refused to take a stand to combat the many assaults on our heritage, ancestry, traditions and way of living. Why are we still hiding our proud Southern Heritage from the main stream?
How many times have you heard about some politicos bashing the Flag, using Proud Southerners images to terrorize Black voters to select a different candidate?
Here are recent examples in the Tampa area. Two years ago now Hillsborough County Commissioner Kevin Beckner ran a large ad in the largest Black Newspaper, the Florida Sentinel Bulletin, suggesting that Brian Blair approval of the Flag Site and had ties to a local Southern group. He has previously signed a Proclamation. That slick tricked worked and Brian lost the race.
Earlier this month, November 2010, a White Democrat Linda Saul-Sena, in seeking a seat on the Hillsborough County commission posted an image of Southern Heritage only in Black voting places and in choice Black district locations. She connected her opponent, a White Republican Ken Hagan, to issues involving Southern Heritage. At the time Mr. Hagan who was the chairman of the Hillsborough County Commission. Well she lost.
Why do some White Politicos use images of Southern Heritages as Krytonike when it comes to scaring Black voters away from other candidates?
When they do that, what they are really saying is; "Look you Black voters are so dumb, stupid and uninformed to the real issues of this election and the only thing that matters to you all are images of Southern Heritage? We politicos know that a particular Southern image is so frightening that it shut down any thinking ability that you may not even have in the first place".
And sadly enough these slime-ry politicos know that it works and is highly effective in frightening Black Voters. Especially in tight races where the Black Votes really counts and make the difference.
It is really a low guttery act of desperation.
Enough is enough; let’s draw the line in the sand. Tell the politicos they cannot trash out our Proud Southern Heritage and get away with.
I am seeking support for my candidate to defeat Mr. Stokes. Please contact me for more information about this candidate.
Please pass on this letter to all proud people of Southern Heritage.
Al Mccray