Hays Free Press request
From: khilsenbeck71@gmail.com
To: hk.edgerton@gmail.com
Hi Mr. Edgerton – I’m Kim with the Hays Free Press in Kyle, Texas. We recently had a story in the paper about a racially charged vandalism incident at a local high school:
The crime sparked a rather heated debate about the Confederate flag and symbolism of the Rebel mascot at Hays High School. We have folks in the community who believe the flag, the rebel and even the fight song "Dixie" contribute to an attitude of racism in the area. We conducted a survey to get some input from a wider audience.
I am curious to hear your viewpoints on the issue; I believe you were here in the Kyle/Buda area a while back regarding this same issue.


I’d be grateful for your perspective on this topic. What about the folks who say it’s just Southern pride and has nothing to do with slavery? Or those who say the flag is associated with the KKK and therefore shows hatred toward the black community?
We have heard both sides.
Thank you and please contact me with any questions.

Kimberly Hilsenbeck
Immediate Past President, IABC/Austin
From: hk.edgerton@gmail.com
To: khilsenbeck71@gmail.com
Dear Ms. Kimberly,
One of my first journeys to Texas was in defense of the Southern Cross at Hays High. And later the Historic March Across Dixie would end with a visit to Hays County, with a great deal of well wishes from their citizens, both Black and White. Please visit my website:  www.southernheritage411.com. I would certainly like to make you privy to a tape of this journey and a copy of the recently authored pictorial documentary book by my brother, Terry L. Edgerton. It certainly depicts a different tale than those who hate all things Southern, and the poverty pimps and their organizations who fill their coffers to forge their lies.
I can never forget my disappointment when the Federal Judge in Austin told the Honorable Attorney Kirk D. Lyons who had filed a law suit against some of the administrators at Hays; that he had been their attorney before he was a Judge, and that he was still their friend, cared nothing about the justice that the students at Hays or Mr. Lyons sought.  And further it was his Court, and the best thing for Mr. Lyons to do was to get out before he faced a hefty fine. I found this to be the general attitude of the administrators who teach our children in most Public Schools. They care not about the hate and division caused by their continued distortions of history, or the lack of . The Public School System established in the South in 1865 was designed to divide and separate Southern Blacks and Southern Whites while teaching our children that our ancestors were rebels and traitors, while carefully omitting the place of honor and dignity earned by Southern Blacks beside a man that he called not only Master, but also family and friend. To make traitors of Black folks to the Southland of America and our flag is sacrilege, and should be fought against by any man who calls themselves Southern. There is no compromise in this position at any point in history. Please feel free to contact me also by phone (828)273-1991 should you need further inquiry. This year will mark the ten year anniversary of the Historic March Across Dixie, and I shall return to my much loved Texas for she and her honorable ancestors deserve better that the wrong she continues to be served. Please don’t blame every incident on our Flag at Hays, tell them to have the courage to teach the truth and our babies will find a reason to love each other even more.
HK Edgerton