Posted: February 7, 2006
1:00 a.m. Eastern
© 2006

The Civil Rights movement was not won with hatred or vitriol. It was won with persistent prayer, indefatigable courage, dignity and a belief in the Constitution. Those who understand this carry those provisions gained forward into the future.

Sadly, just as Dr. Martin Luther King’s words and actions gave birth to freedom for many, the words and actions of hate mongers gave birth to children of darkness – children who are so consumed by hatred they are blind to the freedom they possess.

While Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton can best be described as divisionists who use race to secure the financial solvency of their own, they have long ceased to be relevant. Even so, they have given birth too many who view color as the reason for even the slightest offense.

Louis Farrakhan has used his words and actions to promote division, misrepresent history and imprison the minds of those predisposed to racist militancy. He has also used same to increase his personal wherewithal far exceeding anything those he incites can ever hope to achieve.

Julian Bond has led the NAACP, a once august organization, into dispute with the Internal Revenue Service over its tax-exempt status, while turning it into a petri dish used to culture the bacteria of hatred.

Yet perhaps the most egregious crime perpetrated by the aforementioned has been their ability to eliminate cogent and reasoned debate in favor of feckless diatribes.

When Dr. King disagreed with a statement made by eight Alabama clergymen, he penned an eloquent response that has come to be known as the "Letter From Birmingham Jail." He did not foment and reduce himself to the lowest common denominator. He referenced Paul of Tarsus, Thomas of Aquinas, Paul Tillich, Socrates, Reinhold Neibuhr and Augustine of Hippo. He included references to his children.

His eloquent treatise was a landmark moment in the battle for constitutionally guaranteed equality. No such understanding, and seemingly no such ability, exists today within the minds of those children spawned by the hatred of their progenitors.

Freedom to disagree and debate reasonably is a cornerstone of a free society. The inability to do so is the condemnable character trait of hatred’s children. Two letters I received last week are graphic examples: Steve Fair, not liking (I assume) a column I wrote in which I said, "America doesn’t need a Black History Month" wrote:

You are probably the most nauseating, race hustling #ss kissing buffoon I’ve ever witnessed. You make Larry Elder look like Nat Turner. I hope your white right massas are paying you well. Because if your sorry #ss had to work for a living you’d starve.

Fender Bass coined himself "Surah38" as he commented the following:

NIGG "ER" (NOT NIGGA) PLEASE. You are a bought and paid for Uncle Tom. Actually, you’re not as good as Uncle Tom. At least I know the real history about him … Who’s more semetic between you and those Zionist white folk parading as Jews and Jew lovers? Yes your pay masters. You dumb N-word … I’ll let you in thing, knowledgable Black minded Americans and people all over the world are growing ever so sick and tired of you tap dancing Zionist boot licking Kuuns. Peace Bruva.

These are representative of those who curse everyone who doesn’t share their dissociative view of our society. This is the level of debate of those who applaud Julian Bond when he calls Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and her predecessor Gen. Colin Powell, "tokens." They are the children he is preaching to when he states "The Republican Party would have the American flag and the swastika flying side by side."

Just as children who have grown up watching dysfunctional, anti-social parents frequently either exhibit those patterns themselves or become enablers to the same behavior patterns in another, the words and actions of those earlier mentioned have consequences. If the goal of Bond, Farrakhan, Jackson and Sharpton is to pass resentment on to future generations, then they do well. If their goal is to continue the message of unity espoused by Dr. King, they are woefully lacking. Then again, what could ever give me that idea?

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