The First Amendment Protects Hate Speech Even When It’s Disguised as Heritage"
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If you really knew history, and if you were objective, you would be attacking the thirteen-stripe United States Flag instead of the Confederate Battle Flag.
Under the thirteen-stripe flag, thousands of slaves were transported to the New World. No Confederate ship ever transported a cargo of slaves.
Under the thirteen-stripe flag, Native Americans/American Indians were forcibly removed from their homes, shot down, and starved out. Nothing of the sort ever happened under the Confederate Battle Flag.
Under the thirteen-stripe flag, military units were largely segregated until after the Second World War. Confederate units, on the other hand, had all sorts of ethnicities — including thousands of blacks both slave and free — serving side-by-side.
The flag most widely used by the Kluxers is the thirteen-stripe flag. See pictures at
The First Amendment protects a wide variety of expression — including your right to sound off on a subject about which you have little information.
Clifton Palmer McLendon