Hate Groups in SC

From: Bernhard1848@att.net
To: ccoursey@wspa.com


Miss/Mr. Coursey,

Regarding your article that mentions the League of the South, I take issue with one, using the SPLC as a reference, and two, claiming that the League of the South is somehow a "hate group." The SPLC has been thoroughly discredited as a money-making scheme of its founder Morris Dees and "hates" anyone or any group that differs with its usual method of using racial incidents with which to raise money for its lavish lifestyle. See also the Harpers Magazine November 2000 issue, "The Church of Morris Dees."

For the League, I have been an active member since 1995 and have yet to see any more racists at meetings than I do at Rotary Club or Chamber of Commerce gatherings. My wife of 22 years is a native Korean and we both take offense at what you have written. I challenge you to find anything on the League website or in its literature that expresses a hatred toward any ethnic group, and I will resign immediately. If you cannot, I request that you state so in an article that discredits the SPLC for its irresponsible attacks on good people and patriotic organizations like the League.

Bernhard Thuersam, State Chair
North Carolina League of the South
Wilmington, North Carolina