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"How long will it be before the First Amendment is a dead a letter as the Tenth Amendment?"


It won’t be very long, since the very people who should know better are playing right into the hands of Foxman and Dees. The ultimate purpose of these "hate crime" laws is to bring about the death of the First Amendment. It’s a way of getting around that amendment and using the back door to kill it off for good. That is the main reason why these laws should not be supported at all.

But to return to your initial post — I get it now. I overlooked an important part of your first message, which denounced the vandals as "white liberals." You’re right that whites will more likely be the perpetrators in these kind of vandalism crimes. And is this the heart of your message? In other words, you don’t mind the disparity of whites being punished more greatly, since, in the case of vandalizing heritage monuments, those whites will only be "liberals" anyway. As a black, the notion of targeted revenge makes my stomach turn.

So a 19-year-old "white liberal" should be incarcerated until he’s 30 years old, for desecrating a monument? Perhaps you would like to imprison all white liberals on any pretext that can be found. It just might be that with the next election the Democrats will reassume power. What if there’s a movement afoot to entrap as many whites as possible, who are NOT liberals? Clauses in the Constitution were meant to prevent just this type of targeted revenge. Don’t you understand that once you let go of an important principle (as has happened throughout the Bush regime), you might not get it back again, and it could eventually be used against you and your cause? Read Paul Craig Roberts on the consequences of ratcheting up infractions of the law from misdemeanors to felonies, just to "get" a certain cohort of people.

Here is a link to an article about two young men imprisoned in 2001, whose sentences were enhanced with "hate crime" laws:
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