Actually, I think Mr. Catala’s letter is a bit over Kevin’s head. I take a simpler approach:

Ok Kevin, first, I’d just like to say that I hope that “Journalism” isn’t your major. Your op/ed piece has all the finesse something written by a third grader overdosing on Ritalin.

Second, about “being branded”….That sort of thing went out with Hester Prynne and “The Scarlet Letter. Maybe you should consider dropping Journalism (if indeed that is your major), and consider majoring in “Drama” instead?

Third, regarding >>> To most people in the North, the stars and bars represent slavery, rebellion, and white supremacy. <<< Question – did you do some kind of poll to arrive at this conclusion or are you simply taking it upon yourself to speak for all of us who live north of the Mason Dixon line?

Fourth, regarding >>> Relations between whites and blacks are still a work in progress <<< Once again, you presume to speak for everyone else. Some of us get along just fine. In fact, it is my humble opinion that if we could stuff a sock in the mouths of people like you and Mr. Sebesta, who I see has managed to crawl out from under his SPLC rock, folks would get along just fine.

Fifth – you make the observation that the black population decreases when you go south of the city of Indianapolis, and that this has something to do with the presence of Confederate flags. I submit that Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and a whole host of Southern states, which, by the way are full of Confederate flags, are home to more black people than you will ever see in your life. And in case you haven’t checked your maps, ALL OF THOSE STATES are SOUTH of Indianapolis!? It appears that the black folks like it there, that they always have liked it there, and that they make their homes there by choice, Confederate flags notwithstanding.

Finally, I see that you just had to throw in a short psalm of praise about the word “diversity” just to show what an enlightened and wonderful guy you are. Was your article part of an assignment given you by one of your brainwashing professors, or did you dream it up on your own?

In any case, assignment complete – you said all the right things and the brainwashers will probably give you an “A”.

Class over. Time to get back to things that matter – getting drunk and watching “Girls Gone Wild Videos”

Oh yeah, almost forgot – “Deo Vindice”. Go look it up if you don’t know what it means.

Bill Vallante
Commack NY