Re: Has a Brunswick County Controversial Display Gone Too Far?



Regarding the ‘controversial display’ which is supposedly ‘perpetuating hate’ between North and South. Well, folks, maybe it is ‘perpetuating hate’ between the Sections, but I would opine that it is doing so in response to all the hate being perpetuated against the South, its history and its heritage. Sooner or later, if you hit someone often enough and insult them thoroughly, that person (or group) might decide that it’s time to retaliate.

For 140+ years, the South and those who consider themselves true inheritors of its culture have been debased, demeaned, derided and insulted. They’ve been labeled ‘racists’, ‘bigots’, ‘ignorant’, ‘in-bred’, ‘violent’, ‘stupid’ and ‘inferior’. Their symbols have been trashed by those who had no understanding of their true meaning including those who used them as symbols of hate – which, in fact, they were (and are) not.

People have moved South from other regions ostensibly to enjoy the ‘way of life down there’ and then proceeded to do all in their power to ‘remake’ Southern culture in their own Northern, Western and Mid-Western image, completely ignoring and discounting native-born Southrons who wish to retain as much as they can salvage of their way of life from their oppressors. And when the people who actually live in those states complain, they are discounted as, ‘racists’, ‘bigots’ and, well, you know the rest!

It is not the South and Southerners (a/k/a Southrons) who have never given up hating, it is the North – or more precisely, those in the North who could and still can be classified as "Yankees" – who have never ceased in their attempt at ‘culturecide’. After an illegal war whose brutalilty made the Mongol horde look enlightened by comparison – and a period of occupation and colonization that was intended to depress if not eliminate every last vestige of Southern culture – the folks ‘up North’ have determined that Southrons simply refuse to have the good grace to die and get out of the way of their socialist, collectivist, big government, multicultural ‘New World Order’. That fact makes them angry and hence, every time some symbol of the South’s history and heritage is honored, outrage is visited upon it and those supporting it in the media and in local and state governments where ‘the People’s representatives are usually cowed victims of political correctness (the Yankee version of censorship).

Given the above, I can perfectly understand the reason for the display in question. I’m simply astonished at the good nature of those Southron folks who have limited themselves to a dummy in a Yankee uniform!

Val Protopapas
Huntington Station, New York