Harrison Confederate Flag Ban Update
From: ricefamily7181@sbcglobal.net

First I want to thank all of you for your support and your part in this campaign to right a complete injustice and prejudiced actions by our local Chamber of Commerce in our town.  I ask that you please keep the pressure up.  Please continue to get the word out.  The Chamber is scheduling a meeting and have dedicated a committee to deal with this situation.  They will schedule a meeting soon to discuss this issue with members of the local SCV division in Harrison as well as other SCV members from the region and myself.  As soon as I know the date I will update you all.  Scott Miller is now out of the picture as far as a point of contact.  I have no other information about that.  Bob Reynolds is now the new point of contact and all correspondence can be sent to him via the Chamber of Commerce email and phone contacts which I will include at the end of this message.  I feel we have the upper hand but I also believe strongly that pressure needs to be continually applied so they understand this will not go away until they reverse all biased actions against our flag.  So I ask you to now direct all letters and comments to Mr. Bob Reynolds.  I am told he is an SCV member.  I hope this is the first sign that things will finally be made right.  I have spoken to Mr. Reynolds in the past and I take him to be an honorable man from Mississippi.  So I ask everyone to please be respectful toward him with all future correspondence.  But I also want to reinforce that this is far from over and pressure must still be applied.  You can send messages to Mr. Reynolds via the contact information below or to the chamber in general to the same address and phone numbers.
Here again is the contact information for the Harrison Chamber of Commerce,
I thank you all!
Your servant,
Jason Rice (TSgt USAF)


UPDATE – 3/31/09: A favorable relationship has since been made with the Harrison Chamber of Commerce.
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