Happy New Year

From: hk.edgerton@gmail.com

As I made my way up Highway 9 this New Years morning with the Southern Cross in hand, listening to an occasional shout of the Rebel Yell, the calling out of my name, or the young baby boy who would roll down his car window and exclaim to his mom, "Look mom, the Flag man! Happy New Year Flag man," as he waved frantically. I would weep and reflect on the year past!

God in his infinite wisdom had put me in a time and place, the likes of which King only dreamed of; at the "Table of Brotherhood". There I would find the sons of former Southern White slave owners, and many who were not. They would present their case. And afterwards, in my estimation they were the most discriminated against man in the whole of America, possibly second to none other than the Southern Black man, whose ancestors, freed or indentured had stood beside him, before, during and after the War for Southern Independence, as a loyal family member. And most importantly, I would find the love so often spoken of in the letters and writings of their ancestors as they spoke of an African family member, now showered upon me.

It is important to understand that brotherhood is supposed to reflect the whole body of persons. However, there had been in this year past, some like Bill O’Reilly who had been invited to the Table, but the fear that exists in man’s inhumanity to man that is rewarded with profit, kept him and his kind from attending this event. So the Cold War Between the States continues, and in Dixieland I shall continue my Stand just as the dry bones of our ancestors did in defense of their homeland that had been illegally invaded. An invasion that left the whole of the nation void of the Constitutional Republic designed by the founding Fathers, and the people all subjects to political graft as greedy politicians fatten their wallets and that of those they serve. May God Bless you all, your families and friends, and may everyone have a Happy and prosperous New Year.

Your brother,