Andy Hall Hates Southerners

Or, rather, he loves to ridicule, denigrate and belittle them, which sure ain’t no sign of love, or even tolerance.

Rob "Tu Quoque" Bakur is working on a thesis or something, and he posts a snippet of it on his blog. The very first entry in the comments is this:

    Andy Hall says:  
    June 5, 2014 at 11:09 PM

    Ah, serious academic writing.
    Once I asked a True Southron his opinion of Chicago Style, and he replied that he preferred thin crust instead.

Perhaps if Andy had asked the question correctly — What’s your opinion of the Chicago Manual of Style?" or "…the Chicago Style Manual?" — the "True Southron" would have known what he was talking about.

After all, Wikipedia tells us that "Chicago style may refer to several things:"

    ~The Chicago Manual of Style, a guideline for writing documents and news reports
    ~Chicago school (architecture), a style of commercial buildings
    ~Chicago school of economics, a school of thought among economists and academics
    ~Chicago blues, a genre of blues music
    ~Chicago-style dixieland, a genre of jazz music
    **Chicago-style pizza, a deep-dish variety of pizza**
    ~Chicago-style hot dog, an ingredient-laden variety of hot dog

Was this "True Southron" supposed to read Andy’s mind (what a horrible thought) and just know which one he was talking about?

The most telling thing about the Texas Scalawag’s comment, however, is his deliberate choice of a "True Southron" to denigrate — specifically, the denigration of intelligence, which is a hallmark of flogger thought, and the flogger approach.

My question is, how many True Hispanics would give Hall a similar answer to his ambiguous question? How many True African Americans? How many True Gays, True Feminists, True Socialists? And since a great many of them would likely get it wrong, would he find it necessary to denigrate them in some blog comments somewhere?

Americans have never been dumber. Google it to see just how dumb. That Andy deliberately chose a "True Southron" to ridicule for something that is far from uniquely "Southron" showcases his animosity for Southerners. It tells us a lot more about his decency and integrity, or lack thereof, than it does about "True Southron" ignorance.