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RICHMOND, VA – H. K. Edgerton, NAACP officer turned Southern heritage activist, will lead a march from Yellow Tavern in north Richmond Friday to dramatize the role of blacks in the Confederate war effort.

Edgerton is expected to be joined by a phalanx of black and white members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, reenactors, fellow activists and private citizens. “Anybody who loves the Southland of America and wants to help show the truth of its history is welcome to join us,” he said.

“This is Black History Month and it’s time a lot of people out there got this part of black history straight,” Edgerton said. “This march honors not just blacks who actually served in the Confederate army, but also those people of color who kept the Confederate war effort going on the home front. And yes, that includes slaves.

“Slavery is a terrible thing, but ironically slavery in the Southland of America produced bonds of loyalty and trust that helped keep the Confederacy going. It’s not politically correct to talk about that aspect of black history any more, but we will honor it by this march,” Edgerton said.

Marchers will leave from the J.E.B. Stuart historical marker at yellow Tavern, near Virginia Center Commons, at 8 a.m. and will end at the marker for the outer defense line of the City of Richmond near Brook Run Shopping Center.

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