An Open Letter To The Tennessee Division Of The Sons Of Confederate Veterans / Franklin

From: H.K. Edgerton []
Sent: Thursday, November 16, 2006

General Patrick Ronayne Cleburne was the first to suggest (in a circular letter) the arming of Southern Slaves and their muster into military service ; he was Ms Anna Belle Edgerton , my dear mom who now rests in heaven, favorite General. General Cleburne would lose his life in the Battle of Franklin on November 30, 1864. My little brother Terry Lee and myself being honored as Honorary Life members of the Arkansas Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and commissioned as Honorary Colonels in the Patrick Cleburne Camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans was one of our moms proudest moments .

General Nathan Bedford rode into Murfreesboro not far from Franklin, with forty two men who like me and captured the Union garrison with its stores . He often said of these men of color that there were no better to serve under his command. Forrest would later be proclaimed by the Blacks of Tennessee to be their first Civil Rights leader. Ironically today as I sat contemplating Franklin and the Generals of Tennessee, I would receive a typical call from one of my babies who faced a situation of distress in the battle of Southern cultural genocide. Today it would come from Emily McDonald, a student at East Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro; it appeared that a student had filed a complaint with the University about the name of the ROTC building carrying the name of Forrest Hall. Emily had been chosen by the campus newspaper to present the opposing view point . She wanted my help. The irony for me is that moments after speaking to this young lady, I would learn from third hand information , and have now seen documentary proof of the Sons of Confederate Veteran Camp Commander, "Don Berry’s decision and supported by Division Commander Ed Bradley that I was not invited to attend or welcome at the events sponsored by the Franklin Sons Of Confederate Veterans on November 28 – 29, 2006 in Franklin.

I know the true feelings of my Southern family and could force the issue on the claims or reasons set forth by Mr… Berry for not wanting me in Franklin. I do take issue that he thinks that I don’t know how to act at an occasion as this. I want to remind him that I would walk to Charleston and serve as a color bearer in the Hunley Burial, I would adorn the uniform of our ancestors, carrying our Southern Cross, and be the only one who would march alongside my brother in the burial formation of Senator Strom Thurmond; for my Dear Mother who loved her South and men like Cleburne, with my Southern family, her body riding on six white horses led by a Bag Piper, my brother, George Forsyte), myself and those bongo drums of my brother, in a full Confederate State Funeral Procession , we would lead her into the oldest cemetery in Asheville. Out of the full courtesy and respect that my mom instilled in her children for our homeland , and her love for the women of the Rose and the ideals of the Confederacy; I shall not attend this event, and wish nothing but success to those in attendance.

Your Brother,
HK Edgerton

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