From: "H.K. Edgerton"

On Friday morning September 16, 2005 after having breakfast with Lt.Commander Michael Lee Beck in Morristown, I continued on to Maryville where I arrived at approximately 11:45 pm.. I promptly sat up a vigil in what has become my favorite spot; at the intersection of Lamar Alexander Parkway and Broad St. on the traffic Island, where I was greeted robustly until 5:00 pm., at which time I headed to dinner and to change from my Dixie OutFitter garb into my Confederate Uniform .

At approximately 7:45 pm I arrived at the football stadium of the Maryville Red Rebels. Dressed in my Confederate uniform with my Battle Flag draped across my shoulder I entered the stands. A deafening roar erupted from the stands as I raised the mighty flag high into the night sky. The babies began to chant out my name :HK,HK,HK………….on it went as I marched the length of the stands; they were taking pictures of me, hugging me; it was a reception synonymous to the one I received when I crossed the Sabine River Bridge from Louisiana into Logansport, Texas on the March Across Dixie; one that I never thought would ever be repeated again. After minutes of this ovation continued to erupt wherever I ventured in the stands, I decided that I was taking too much attention from the mighty fine undefeated Maryville football team.

As I existed the stadium amid the shouts : HK for President, I presented my flag to a young lady who just had to be the Home Coming Queen; I accepted a heroes hug from Her Majesty, and cried all the way back to Asheville.