From: "H.K. Edgerton"

Dear Commander McCredie,

First of all, you are to be congratulated on your fast action taken on behalf of the South Carolina SCV in Florence, South Carolina. Had you not advised the Mayor’s, City Attorney, and City Manager’s office of the intent of the Southern legal Respurce Center to sue in behalf of the SCV; it is no doubt in my mined that they had every intention in sticking to their guns in not letting the Sons march with their Camp Banner. I must interject that all of the press that interviewed me , echoed that thought.However I’m not so sure that SLRC would have advised the SCV Camp to agree not to and bring , or not march with their flags.

I arrived in Florence Saturday morning , September 10, at approximately 7:15am. I parked across from the viewing stand being set up by Parks and Recreation and the Florence Police. Dressed in my Confederate uniform and the Christian Cross of St. Andrew flying briskly; I seated myself across also from the viewing stand. I was well greeted by not only the general public, but also the participants as they saluted me as they passed by. I was even saluted and greeted warmly by many of the dignitaries on the viewing stand including the Air Force General, his Top Sergeant, and their wives. Having so many peoplle coming back and forth across the street to hug me and thank me for being there for the Confederate soldier and our Southland was very satisfying.

I must again thank you sir for pilfering away from our General Fund to send me to Florence. I hope that the SLRC’s presence made a positive difference.