Black Confederate Marches To Richmond

Contact: Kirk D. Lyons 828-669-5189

Black Confederate activist H.K. Edgerton will begin a 160 mile march, carrying a Confederate flag, from Littleton, North Carolina to Richmond, Virginia starting on Monday May 17. Edgerton the veteran of a 1600 mile March across Dixie and a recently completed 260 mile march to attend the Hunley funeral.

Edgerton who is the immediate past President of the Asheville, NC NAACP feels driven to march.

"In Richmond, Virginia the DuPont Company has banned Confederate symbols from their plant and have ignored requests to honor Confederate soldiers buried on their property, and this in the former Capital City of the Confederate States of America," explained Edgerton. "DuPont employees have been staging a weekly vigil in front of the plant for the past 4 years that has been completely blacked out of the media – I intend to change that," Edgerton added.

Edgerton will also march to raise awareness of other issues of importance to
Confederate Southern-Americans and to raise defense funds for the Southern Legal Resource Center, Inc.

Edgerton chose to begin the march in Littleton to honor Confederate Private John Leach, a pioneer in Southern race relations between white and black. His monument in Littleton, depicting a black hand shaking a white hand, reads: This is what he meant – All men up! Erected by his Colored Friends.Edgerton will begin his march at the Leach monument.

Edgerton’s march at 15 miles per day, 5 days per week will take him through Henrico, NC; Brunswick, Lawrenceville, Edgerton, McKenney, DeWitt,Dinwiddie, Sutherland, Petersburg, Colonial Heights, Chester, Bensley and Richmond, VA.

H.K. Edgerton is the Chairman of the SLRC’s Board of Advisors.

The SLRC is a non-profit tax exempt South Carolina public law firm
that advocates on behalf of Confederate Southern Americans. See our
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