An Open Report / March To Washington / Thanks

On Saturday morning January 31, 2009, The Times Progress out of Charlottesville, Virginia, would publish an article written by the Honorable Bryan Mckenzie. The article would be titled, “A divisive flag makes it to D.C.”. I want to first of all say, God bless the Times Progress and Mr. Mckenzie for taking the time to report this journey and for reporting what I said while on this journey accurately. However, if I would be allowed to make a change in their article on Saturday, I might have titled it, ”A supposed divisive flag brings so many together in pride and loving interaction on 29 North as it makes it to D.C.”. And while the photograph of the young Black man from Louisiana and his son posing with me at the Capitol entrance was admirable, I might have covered the entire front page with the pictures provided by Terry Lee (my little brother) to the Progress of those other folks White and Black who posed alongside me on the Capitol mall and Highway 29 with no sense of the divisiveness purported and planned by far too many (the liberal media, revisionist historians, poverty pimps, and politicians) who thrive on the misery of the downtrodden of the South with their lies.

I had a lot that I wanted to say to Mr. Obama, yet I knew and prepared myself that he like the man who he would replace, and the man Lincoln he would embrace, would in all likelihood not have the courage to face a peace delegation from the South bent on ending the sectional hostilities that remain in a state of perpetuity as our Southern children are forced to remember their ancestors in shame, and are educated by a Federal school system established in 1865 to develop a veil of verisimilitude (quality or state of being true) about their reasons and actions that led an honorable people to make a stand in Dixieland, and a hostile judiciary that provides these Southerners no judicature (administration of justice).

And while I am strapped with a debt of some $3,685.49 for my effort, I want to thank those individuals and the organizations of Dixie Outfitters, Asheville Tribune Newspaper, Commander Greg Manning and the Texas Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, Commander Michael Bradley and the Tennessee Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans for their support. I also want to thank the many law enforcement agencies of Virginia and especially the Sheriff and his young Deputy of Facquier County, Virginia who escorted us across his county to Prince William County, Virginia; the Director Honorable Roger McCredie and his staff of the Southern Legal Resource Center who without their continuing legal advice I would find myself in trouble on these kind of ventures, and not to forget the Angel who I only remember as Brian from Prince William County, Virginia, who provided Terry Lee and I with the logistical support that guided us right into Washington and right up to the front door of the White House. I would be remiss in my duties if I did not thank the Honorable Brandon Dorsey of the Virginia Sons of Confederate Veterans for calling on me at the gravesite ceremony of the Honorable General Thomas (Stonewall) Jackson, to recite the Honorable Dr. Michael Bradley’s famous poem, “I Am Their Flag“. While Terry Lee and I were far off the path that led to Washington, it was a high honor to speak in memory of a man who would defy the legal norms of his time, while putting himself, his wife and church family in peril to educate my African ancestors in the art of reading and writing, and especially about my Lord and Master, Jesus Christ. Importantly, I want to thank my little brother Terry Lee who I would never had made it without and for his unprecedented documentary coverage of my journeys to vindicate our Southern family of a national wrong.

H.K. Edgerton