H.K. Edgerton

From: grif703@comcast.net

I was the son-in-law of the former Chief Justice of the Virginia Supreme Court. My family line goes to the colonization of America in the 1600s. I am honored to say H.K. Edgerton is my personal friend and my southern heritage role model.

While others criticize in anger, H.K. stands and suffers in the rain, heat and snow with his flag. H.K. does not own a house, he does not own his own car. H.K. does not know where his next meal or money is coming from. H.K. has fewer earthly possessions than anyone I know, yet with his Braveheart Cross he perseveres for history’s truth.

God love you H.K., I am honored to publicly praise your character and stand by your side.

A.C. Griffith
Richmond, Virginia