H.K. Edgerton ******* Sat. Dec. 13, 2008 ******* Crystal Springs, Mississippi!!!
Camp # 712 "Crystal Springs Southern Rights" will be welcoming the honorable H.K. Edgerton to our fair city, Saturday, December 13. We will gather at the Railroad Park in Downtown Crystal Springs. We had originally planned to march into town with H.K. but decided the roads were to curved and narrow to have a safe event. We will instead meet him at the park and then form up for a short march around town where we can utilize the side walks and wide avenues.
10:00-Meet at Railroad Park for fellowship
11:00-Program (H.K. Edgerton)
11:30-Form up for "Heritage Hike" around town
12:30-Louise’s BBQ for Lunch (Louise’s is at the corner of Highways 51 & 27)
(times are approximate and subject to change)
H.K. will accompany us to the Third Brigade Christmas Party in Liberty that evening.
Mike Webb, Commander
"Crystal Springs Southern Rights"
Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp # 712
8108 Harmony Road
Crystal Springs, MS
Yankee Occupation Code 39059 [><]
(H) 601-892-1812
(C) 601-757-6322