H K Edgerton

From: preacherjohnnymack@windstream.net

To whom it may concern:

My family and I attended the bicentennial celebration of Jefferson Davis’ birth at Fairview, Kentucky last month, including my four year old son, Jefferson Davis Brown.

While there, I met H. K. Edgerton. Before meeting him, as I was nearing a table he had set up, I couldn’t help overhear a conversation that occurred. A father with his young son was looking at some T-shirts Mr. Edgerton had for sale. The father inquired of the price, and H. K., relating the price he gets for his shirts, reached into his box and gave the young man a free shirt. H. K. had no way of knowing I was overseeing this transaction, nor was anyone else around. It was an act of sincere, personal generosity. I then approached his table, introduced myself and my family, and he proceeded to give my son a free shirt – again with no one looking on.

H. K. certainly did not know I would publicly relate this incident to anyone, but I feel compelled to do so. I have read some pronouncements against Mr. Edgerton, indicting his character and impugning his motives, stating that he does what he does only "for the money." Frankly, if that were the case, he wouldn’t be giving away free T-shirts to youngsters.

Included among the specific reasons I had for attending the celebration at Fairview was that I wanted to meet H. K. Edgerton, a contemporary hero to me.

I am sending this letter to H. K., and he may discard it if he wishes. But I hope he posts it. His generosity, perseverance, commitment, and sincerity shouldn’t be questioned. From what I understand, he doesn’t "drop in on an event" from time to time, as most of us do, but his resolve, backed by his action, is a pledge of full-time commitment to our honorable Southern heritage whenever, and wherever, he’s needed. We should be thankful we have H. K. Edgerton on our side!

John M. Brown
Flatwoods, Kentucky