Regarding H.K.

I have long supported H.K.’s mission and admired his courage. Imagine my pleasant surprise, when showing up at an event last week near Morristown, TN, to finally get to meet the man himself. Although I have long enjoyed reading about his quest, and his writings, I didn’t have a clue as to his gift of oratory excellence!

On Friday of the event, H.K. was able to give his (our) heritage message to thousands of school age children, a hundred or so at a time. He not only had those kids spellbound, but I even spied some of the teachers nodding silently in agreement while H. K. talked about the disservice of NOT teaching historical truths! Saturday, more of the same to reenactors and the general public. Watching and hearing his passion, it is almost like a good old fashion tent revival.

Although H.K. works mostly from donations, he absolutely did not allow a hat to be passed to either the kids or adults. He merely had a little unmarked bucket sitting upon his table outside of the main speaking area.

If you have never had the pleasure of hearing H.K., you owe it to yourself to seek him out, but be prepared to get “fired-up.” If you have never sent him a donation, please give that some thought as well.

Mike and Linda Lee

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