Group Pushes For Confederate License Plates

Money Could Be Used To Restore Battlefields, Group Says

POSTED: 5:44 pm EST January 16, 2009

UPDATED: 6:13 pm EST January 16, 2009

ORLANDO, Fla. — Nearly 144 years after the Civil War, the Confederate flag is still a symbol of hate to some and a symbol of pride to others.

"Nearly three years ago, the Sons of Confederacy veterans began an effort to obtain a specialty license plate honoring Confederate history and heritage in Florida," John Adams said.

The group held a news conference Friday next to a Confederate monument at Lake Eola.

"Our supporters expected this bill to be handled in a fair and equitable manner. Instead, it became a political football buried by the cowardly and politically motivated actions of those in power," Adams said.

Adams said he has the required 30,000 potential buyers, the money to back it up and the group has already said where the proceeds could go.

"This is money that we could use to restore battlefields," Adams said.

Now they’re suing state legislators in federal court to make Florida start offering specialty Confederate flag plates.

"The most likely alternative is the whole specialty plate program in Florida for all of the charities involved will go down," Frederic O’Neal said.

But most people WESH 2 talked to see how some people might not like it, and understand why so many years later, it’s still controversial.

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