Howdy Fellow Southrons

I bring greetings and Tidings form the 37th Texas. I apologize for the long term of silence but life can get hectic sometimes, particularly for Colonel Kelley as you all know lives right on the Gulf Coast of MS. Katrina was not nice at all to that whole area to say the least. Everything was pretty much destroyed, and in dealing with putting together his home, as well as his Mother’s home, and these so-called Insurance companies which have proven to be the Modern Day version of Carpetbaggers, he has not been able to get to anything resembling a computer. He is deeply regretful for not being able to be online and be more active in the Good Fight that is ours, but he wishes for me to assure everyone that this is only temporary. He will be back in the saddle again shortly. Please send your prayers and good wishes for him, his family and Southrons who have been displaced by this Hurricane and a special prayer for those in Texas as well.

At Your Service…

Bob Harrison, 1st Sergeant
37th Texas Cavalry, Company B, CSA
Point Lookout Lee’s Miserables – Dick Poplar