From: DaDreadgrl

I’m writing to say I have been educating myself on the whole Confederacy flag issues…, and as an African-American woman born in the South I find all of this fuss’n and stuff just another way to divide us. Yes! There are some horrible stories attatchjed to my state’s history, but to be honest ALL of this represents where my people(African-American) have come and gone thru. It cannot be denied! We as a country have got to learn to respect our differences! Some genius; thought it was a great idea to steal live people, shacle them to a ship(not the LoveBoat) and bring them to this country to build what is My country, Your country…America! Respect is due to a Dog as we say! If it was for my folks, sweat on their brow and the ass whoopn we took…where would this country be? I don’t wanna know! In the famous words of Rodney King…,Can’t we all just git along!!! Love and Peace

Representing the South to the FUUUUULLLLLest!