North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial
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Remembrance of Great Occasions for Veterans:
“Rev. F.W.E. Peschau, of Wilmington, NC, but formerly of Nashville…is the chaplain of Veterans in North Carolina. On a recent visit to the old “blockade city,” Mr. Peschau took kindly interest in finding the old Freeman residence, where I was entertained with thorough hospitality when board was sixty dollars per day and when my salary was eleven dollars a month. The genial minister reminds me of a great event at Wilmington last summer, when Gen. [Edward] D. Hall, who is vigilant for the Davis Monument, had twelve hundred to thirteen hundred of the wounded, crippled and maimed ones visit the seashore, where they had free board, etc., for three days, after having had free railroad transportation from all parts of the State.
He said he had never seen a more pathetic sight, “these brave soldiers, injured in so many ways.”  The chaplain preached to them midst the roar of the sea waves breaking on the shore, and these men sang, as with one voice.”
(Confederate Veteran, February, 1893, page 53)